Sniper's New Fursona

Oh did I say fursona? Well I don’t know what the fuck to call this


Why am I not surprised about the guy who rated winner.

Ummm since when were crocodiles furrys?

Eh, one of the umbrella parts of it called scalies.

I know what scalies are, but they’re different from furrys though.

I really don’t want to state the obvious but… turn up your graphics and try harder at posing, I don’t see a single bit of effort here.

EDIT: Why rated dumb? : (

  1. Saw thread title
  2. Sighed heavily, closed eyes, and entered thread
    3)Almost as bad as I expected

… I would try to say something about the picture but I really don’t know what to say. Seriously now. :geno:

As far as I know they still fall into the fandom. They would all be generally furries and I don’t think there are “scalesonas.”

I do get that furrys and scalies are like the same, but still I wouldn’t call this photo a fursona due to it only having one mask that isn’t fully built around the snipers head. It wouldn’t make sense. I mean has any one played Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater? Or what ever it was called? I’m sure in the game Snake wore the same kind of hat to go through the water.(I hope that’s correct.) To get past guards and so, but we didn’t call it “Snakes fursona” now did we? So no point on calling this The Snipers fursona.

Except Snake wore it as a disguise. This picture is implying that the Sniper is a crocodile scalie.

True, although the hat was made for fun. Not to be for a scalie :stuck_out_tongue: But w/e lol.

Why am I not surprised you just said something horribly stupid.

the fuck is wrong with you guys

ugh, this thread. just ugh.

Not if you’re using the term ‘furry’ to describe most anthro stuff, like most people do.

I feel that this just has to be said…
But please. Go into photoshop, and at least blur the edges so they’re not so jagged.

great picture, love the detail and how strong that strap is on the croc hat… you sir are my new favorite poser… fuck chesty, fuck ddok, fuck 69105 and fuck rossmum and every other epopular faggot </3


I believe its called scaley…

So, what would fish furries be? Gillies? Would that make them better at sneaking around?