Snipers, the seilent killers.

Just a few more random poses.

Go ahead and C&C.


And you don’t need 50 shots of the same pose if there isn’t all that much going on.

Posing is average except for on the T… limp wristed and not even looking at the dude falling… Some editing would have been nice.

The sniper pose is okay, He sits a bitt iffy though, The terrorist aiming at the falling guy has a really weird pose.

So, I know where you got your “inspiration”.


Worst sniper I have ever met.

Because you were the first person to make a sniper looking out a window with a cup of coffee.

and as IF you didn’t get your inspiration from Meet the Sniper.


FUCKING VMAN. Ninjaed me. >:[ You even picked the same damn picture! Imagine that.


Also, lol at “Seilent”

Ya because holding a sniper rifle with one hand is a great idea. Specially a Mosin.

love ur poses indeed seilent

lol sry but ive never seen that pic buddy, i was thinking of the sniper from tf2 when i made that.


lol jeez u guys r relentless w/ this stuff arn’t u. :stuck_out_tongue:


wow ok now i c what u mean, my guy is even fixing the sights like this pic here, lol really this wasn’t my “inspiration” zeraxify, but i can y u think it is.

Agh! The horrific map.

I don’t get it…

The PMCs are posed pretty nicely… But the shots and other poses fucking suck!

thx? lol


hmm, i gess i took a few steps back from my last post sorry you guys, i shall improve!!! lol

That AS50 wouldn’t be so quiet.