Snippet for bullet penetration and reflection

I think this have already been posted before, but those ones are outdated and will not work.
I am looking for a snippet that goes into a swep/swep base that will make the bullets it fire to ricochet on impact, and as well as penetrate through certain walls/props.

If you have such script, please share it, thanks.

Oh snap, Fretta (or, more specifically, GMDM and CTF) have bullet reflection. Give me while to find the bullet penetration that, I think, works.

Thanks alot


got it ty

if it’s not too much to ask could you sent me the file too.


Why not download the gmod beta and you can look at it whenever you want?

I don’t get why Gunz didn’t post it here in the first place. When ever a solution is found/info is given it should be posted in the thread, since other people may need it.

i downloaded gmod beta but there is no bullet penetration.

Gmod beta? :open_mouth:

never mind i got it
i just downloaded physical bullets

Nothing special. Garry made a few edits to fretta.

Its the svn version! Dummy…

good job bumping a 4 week old thread for no reason

Why dont u just post the link on the forum i need it to