SNK characters

Well we have M.Bison, Chun Li, Cammy and Zangief for GMOD. But what about characters from SNK games such as Geese Howard from Fatal Fury, Mai Shiranui, Terry Bogard, Mukai and Clone Zero. I am writing this request to make a model for some SNK characters.

I already requested Mai. Not sure what the progress is.

Progress is nothing yet I still need to look at the mesh rest assured she is a priority she WILL be done I promise.

What about some Metal Slug characters or vehicles?

You can’t really port 2d characters from 2d games.
And I assume no one really wants to do those models from scratch.

That’s why you port from 3D games. Metal Slug has a 3D game and so does KOF.

Yeah 3d game for PS2, good luck first actually finding and then buying that for the sake of few ports.

I’m not even the one requesting those, but how would that be harder to do than making them from scratch?

Well only some ps2 games can be ripped from I think

you should know how painful is to do that before putting a comment mah boi

First you would actually need to look for it and then buy it, which I assume is pretty hard since it was only released in Japan. Top that with the fact that you never know if you would be actually able to port anything from it.

And if you couldn’t, it wouldn’t be worth it anyway because apparently it’s a huge pile of shit as a game.