Snow raiders

Old version

Vorkuta! :open_mouth:

Step one!

You’ve made a really interestingly hectic snow effect that is pretty cool, but as an aesthetic feature of the image it just doesn’t work because it’s impossible to really make anything interesting out. I’d be surprised if anyone looks at the picture for more than 5 seconds.

The muzzleflash editing under the snow is clearly really lazily pasted on stuff. There shouldn’t be flashes under there anyway - it’s clearly very bright. The flashes would be invisible. Military realism aside, they look ugly anyway so there’s no reason for them to be there.

The posing looks decent.

What Chesty said

I like the idea.

I like the chopper in the background btw. Took me about 4 views of the picture to notice it though.

I like the good Criticism you give. You’re a good poster.

Okay, and how I’ll make an effect that those guns are shooting? Just some kind of smoke?

k now give me “respected poster” status

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I mean… um…

Thank you. :smile:

Okay, I’ve redone screenshot.

Looks so much better with the darker blood and lack of flashes. Nice one. It’s great to see someone build on their work.

Thanks for your advices.

The main thing here is that the majority of people use boring old effects instead of daring to add an overlay of something interesting, in this case snow

this is better than 80% of this section and you can not deny that

Yeah, hence the compliments in the post.

It’s not a great achievement being better than absolute trash though.

Truthfully, I think he only added the snow so you guys would not notice the inaccuracies of the military units riding atop their vehicles.

All I notice is that it gets blue-er…

I like the picture
but I don’t understand why the emblem on their arm is the focal point.

pew pew pew (Guns)
twuco twuco (copper)
Vuahnnnn (Snowmobile)

i liked \o/

You’ll probably find the colours of it stopped it from blending in with the rest.
I can’t imagine he would purposely single it out