Snow/Rain Fall sprites, And other things for a gamemode.

Me and yoft are working on a gamemode called RP(G). You may find it in the gamemode releases section. Weather effects have been confirmed, And we require some materials for them. The specific materials are listed here:

Snow/Rain falling sprites. Just some snow and rain falling. Seperate textures please.

Ice overlay. A slightly transparent white-ish overlay, That makes the ground look icy. Should fade off in a kind of icy way.

Wet overlay. Fades off on edges, Warps the ground a tiny bit, Meant to make the ground look wet.

Puddle. Just a puddle of water. Water should be clear-ish but still noticeable on the ground.

Snow. Just a smaller version of ice, But white and non-transparent, Except for a tiny bit here and there.

Chaos veins. Please see the thread about this, Sorts of Red/Yellowish-Green veins. Do not need to be too detailed, As there will be a lot of them around. And I mean a bloody lot.

We also have some low-priority models. Note when I say LOW PRIORITY. Because we don’t need them yet, But it would be easier if we had them sooner, So we can rig the NPC animations to work properly.
Most animations should have:

  • An idle

  • An Attack

  • A walk/move

  • A run/jump

The lurker: A little taller than the player, But still able to fit in doorways, Meant to be very thin. Face is warped, With two large spikes sticking out, Curved in an upwards direction. Chest is mangled and battered, Very purple and bruised. A bit of blood leaking out here and there. Knees are slightly bent, And are also quite thin. The feet have 3 long toes, That seem to represent large grey knives. Hands are made in similar fashion, With bloody and bony arms. A

Animations: Attacks with a sort of normal zombie attack. Walk can be made however you want.

The Seeker: Also very bloody, Has long legs. Very similar shape to the lurker, Except the face is covered in large red spikes.


Seeking: In a sort of cautious stance.

Found: Extremely Angry.

Seeking Walk: Slow and pained.

Found run: Confident and agile.

The Finder: Kind of like a little red bat, With one large red eye. This is where the “Spotlight” is shone from.


Idle: Flapping wings to however, Slow long flaps. Only animation.

The Leaper: Rigged to the fast zombie skeleton, And is same size as a fast zombie, Has short grey spikes along the edges of the arms, And very bony yet meaty legs. Head is bent back in a sort of “Aerodynamic” look, And has glowing orange eyes.

Model look for death has not been decided yet. These descriptions may change if necessary.

Please concentrate on the textures at the top first, As these are the most needed right now. I’ll be back tomorrow to check the thread.

YOU WILL BE LISTED IN THE GAMEMODE CREDITS! But that should be obvious anyway.


Could Some one pls help.
We REALLY need it.
If you want to read more here’s a link:

PLEASE Help us with this. We are in desperate need of models.

If you can get some nice reference pictures, it’d be really cool and I might be willing to do it.

Maybe concept sketches?

There’s already a puddle material used in maybe cs_assault I think… or somewhere in CS:S… You can try taking that. I’m almost positive ice overlays are used in cs_office somewhere.

I can see how like a warping texture can be used with refracting crap… Might be something to do…

Unfortunately, We have no (Good) artists at the time. The puddle material and ice overlays that are currently in the game currently look a bit crap, And they aren’t too good when scalable. You may have to work off text description for now.

Protip: If you get stuck on what to do, Try to make it as scary and gory as possible. The general color scheme is red-purple if that helps.

We WILL try to get some concepts out, But with parents around currently, Is a bit hard to get doing.

For the style, Think dead space, But red and shiny/bloody.

Me and my brother are trying to learn Blender, I am also trying to make a gamemode, AND I might have your same armor idea.
Soooo, do you guys already have models of Elves and undead? Just curious.
Do you have different models for each piece of armor, or will armor be invisible and just add HP? Just curious.
I would use VTF Edit for the vains, worked well for me. a bear model, not sure if u need it but i didnt make it a rat. not by me