Snow Rally

Inspired after playing V-Rally 2 Expert Edition :keke:
And yeah. Someone can explain me, how to do trace of tires on snow?



A bit to blurry for me though.

Very nice snow. Welcome to face punch! (29 posts D:)

I love it.

Sweet job. A bit to much blur, but it gives you the sense of speed. Have art.

These models are too low-poly and creepy. So blur needs here, as air :smiley:

Nice idea. Way too much wasted space with the camera angle though and the models are pretty atrocious. I know we have next to no racing car models, but there is a Toyota Celica model that looks a lot better than these.

Well, I can’t used only Toyota model after all :slight_smile:
And yeah,

And there, Subaru and Peugeot are my favorites.

I love it, just a bit much blur, buts its good.