snow shoes

When walking in the snowy regions your movement should be slower however if you wear snowshoes you can walk at normal rate through snow.

Snow shoes should be easy to craft out of wood and cloth.

Don’t really see the point. Snow biomes have harsh enough climates with low temperature, no need to add even more barriers to building there.

Imagine being chased down by other players. You reach a snow biom but you came prepared with snow shoes. Now you can equip them and escape to safety while the pursures lag behind.

This sounds like a great idea to me… If you lived in the snow this would just make your base even harder to raid but also mean you needed the boots to so its a nice feature and has balance for defence and attack :slight_smile:

slow the movement even more? no way! its already frustrating enough to move around in hilly terrain, i swear it takes all my patience because its so slow, every bit of jump up or down slows you for like 2 seconds. its sucks really. i wish the movement were more consistent and when you press foward, it would just move at normal speed.