Snow warriors

Inspired by this :[/t]

Fantastic edit by SonofBrim

Agilor version

Original :


thanks to SonofBrim and Agilor for their fantastic edits.

shadow bugs everywhere


how so

Very awesome! Love the tribute! though next time, I think you might wanna make it a little smaller and or thumbnail it.

small black lines all over the snowtrooper closest to the camera

Idk what small lines you mean, the shadows look fine to me? Awesome pic hauptmann btw

I think he means the smoothing on the helmet. At least I think that’s a smoothing issue.

Da fock? Looks fine. Not sure what kind of smoothing what could do there, maybe with the liquifying tool to hide polygons and make it smoother?

I can’t really see this as fine.

Yeah, that snowtrooper was lazily done. But that’s the only good snowtrooper model out here.

i hate it when people rush models

Also, and I know this isn’t your fault, but the guns aren’t casting shadows