Simple map with snow and ice.
May be good for screenshots/comics.

Size of it?

The snow looks a little excessive but damn it looks awesome, this will be fucking useful.
You want a wrench or an artistic? :stuck_out_tongue:

Very useful for posting could have a 3D skybox and a larger playing area?

Any larger and that snow shader would reduce your graphics card to a liquid… :smiley:

The map looks nice but I think you need to use a slightly different material for the snow. From far away it looks more like detergent flakes (should be more rounded/crystalline).

That snow looks quite natural to me.
we had recently a snow rain like this.

I’m having one right now.

A little less snow and more space maybe?

The only problem I see is not the snow itself, but the skybox color in the background. When it snows this hard visibility drops to about one hundred feet and typically resembles some very grayed out color (typically a grayed out form of blue) Now I mean seriously grayed out. Other than that it looks pretty schweet.