Snowball Fight (Fretta)

Snowball Fight Fretta gamemode!

V2 Release!!!

Chuck snowballs at your enemies to take Christmas for your team!
Team based, a lot of fun with a lot of people.

Join Team Frost and rule over Christmas with an icy fist!
Or join Team Santa and bring joy to Christmas this year!



I’ve been developing mine, mines ganna have a shizzload of features

Cool, what are some of em’?

Just in time for Christmas too.

You should host this on a server.

Why is everyone trying to make Snowball Fight and even using the same name as mine…

Your 14 can u tryed to leak perp
Also you tryed to make a darkrp site

how you can make up a gamemode sir.

You’re 3, you have fail grammar.
Also you have more fail grammar.
But how can you not have fail grammar?


Mine will have upgrades like ultimate dodgeball some shoot faster, some slower.

I love how you rated yourself funny.

Back on topic. Cool.

Is this an entry to the fretta contest?

He didn’t make his own content, so it can’t be.

No it isn’t an upload. I haven’t made the weapons myself, so I didn’t think it’d be a great idea. Back on topic! Yeah, I’m also releasing a new update to mine, it has a new class a new weapon and the scout/tank weapons shoot faster/slower.

P.S. would it be awesome if i made a piss meter at the bottom of your screen, and when it fills up you can pee on your snowball so the next throw does corrosive damage?


It’s hosted at RR.

This is really generic.


What did you do other than modify the shared file, add in some other guy’s weapon, and package it with someone else’s map?

Haha, it is really generic. It’s my first lua test with fretta. So it was more of a test, but I did get to know some hooks ect. This is why its not under fretta contest forum.

I just thought I should share it because its christmas! :smiley:

That’s the spirit!

Don’t even start. Your DarkRP mod also failed.

Thank you for this post.

Also while generic it seems decent, better than some.

Maybe. But its really slow. It needs to be way more fast paced.

Snowballs need to be flying everywhere!!

I’ve put this up on my server as of current, if you can get a few players it’s great fun - I set the snowball delay to 0.5 so it’s much more fast paced! :slight_smile:

Oops, the IP is:

I don’t mean to troll or anything, but I was just curious. Have you actually released any gamemode you’ve created by yourself? I see you ranting about tons of ideas, but I never see you actually finish anything. Again, just curious.

Indeed he has:

Dwatring: Nice of you to make a quick little Christmas game even though you’re fairly new to programming(?) I expect to see something from you for Easter this year. :buddy: