Snowball Swep V2 (HlfDead Upgrade)

[li] Hlfdead for the idea and Snowball SWEP[/li][li] Blackjackit, me[/li][li] PSP Swep creator[/li][/ul]

Who judge me as a ‘very lousy thief’ and think that this is only a ‘rip off’ must have a look at the upload dates before trust that opinion:

[OLD] Snowball Swep V2 by Blackjackit
2.23 MB, 2 days ago, 329 downloads

Real Snowball Swep
2.25 MB, 39 hours ago, 478 downloads

[NEW] Snowball SWEP V2.1 by Blackjackit
2.23 MB, 9 hours ago, 199 downloads

[li] Now the snowballs are followed by a trails[/li]
[li] The pose is based on the Stunstick pose[/li]
[li] Now you have to reload manually with R after each shot (like in the real life).[/li][/ul]

Features added in v2.1
[li] Fixed some bugs[/li][li] Improved snowballs impact effect[/li][li] Added realistic animation for the snowball launch[/li][/ul]


Have fun!

Okay, and does it auto-download from the server now? The other one does not, and when a player attempts to download it from the server, the server crashes.

Hi! I’m sorry I’ve updated the description. I think that was because of this…but now is fixed! :slight_smile: Happy downloading! And if you want we can meet online to play on flatgrass_winter :-D!!! On steam I’m Blackjack4it :wink: the new version is there with bugs fix and other new features:

This is a rip off


EVERYONE download this one instead!:

Lol, you are a very lousy thief you know?
The original thread is like 1 threads below this one.


The trails on your swep are horrible, they look like the glow from the HL:2 Grenades.

@Dr Pepper and @Santz

…look at my upload dates…

Snowball Swep V2
2.23 MB, 2 days ago, 329 downloads

Real Snowball Swep
2.25 MB, 39 hours ago, 477 downloads

Do you still think that the thief is someone is writing?

The version 2.1 is just an update of the version that I HAVE uploaded 1 day before Real Snowball SWEP.

Additionally, the real thief is who use the Idea of another one and don’t add him into the credits…I’ve done it…

Hlfdead for the IDEA and Snowball SWEP
Blackjackit, me
Garry, for the ironsight code
PSP entity

HlfDead is the REAL OWNER of this idea :slight_smile: I’ve done some minor changes. The line that followes snowballs is arcade-like. It’s purpose is only to let the player to see where the snowball is going in maps like flatgrass_winter in which almost of colors are near the color of the snowball.

Dr Pepper and Santz, you must be sure you know the facts before judge someone…

I still dislike you for some reason. Meh. Anyhow, the other one is better and I didn’t like that one at all.
I also find the whole “Added manual reload(like in real life thing)” is hilarious because it follows “Snowballs now have trails”.

My purpose has been misunderstood…

  1. The only thing that I cannot accept about the Real SnowBall Swep is that there is no credit for the idea of HlfDead. If that mod is better, I can only appreciate to download it and have fun with you :slight_smile:

  2. We are here to have fun, not for wasting-time in unuseful comments.

So, let’s go on, if you find bugs write them here. I’ll work to fix them.

Have fun Garry’s players :slight_smile:



You can’t credit an idea.

You don’t need to credit the idea of snowball fights with your hands…

Sorry to bump this, but seems corrupted the download.

Anyone got a mirror?