Snowball Swep

[release] Real Snowball Swep [/release]

So… this SWEP is not a simple “prop launcher”…its much better.


Snowball’s trail

Randomized visual effects (on direct hit)

Snowball fight

** Credits **

**NECROSSIN (me) **- Main Lua coding
aRaptor_024 - for the help with some visual effects
H4lf-D3ad - for the “old” snowball swep
I got the model from the other SWEP (by H4lf-D3ad), so all credits for this model to the original modeller(s)


–Its not a simple prop launcher
–Very useful for snow battles
–Cool visual effects
–Its not an insta-kill weapon (each snowball does 5-6 damage per hit)
–Includes icons for q-menu, weapon selection and killicon

Extract it into your “addons” foldier

:siren: Download: :siren:

Soon I’ll upload a video

:siren:Please report about any bugs:siren:

Have a fun! :cheers:

Artistic, and perfect for the winter season.

Nice! :slight_smile:

but theres no snow on the ground.

Looks pretty cool!

Much better than that piece of shit someone threw into the ‘winter pack’ .

Haha this is awesome :smiley:

Downloading! What’s the addon that puts names above people like this:

I believe that he’s using NewAdmin on his server.


This looks like fun, gonna add it to my server, thanks!


IMO, Not very good. It just doesn’t feel right. It feels like you’re throwing powder.

Looks more like powder and water impact than snow. Even still it looks fun. Personaly im not download because it is something i will just get bored of to easily but I think it is still a funny idea. Just make it less water looking.


-Snip, rate me bad reading-

He probably stole more code and edited it like all of his other stuff.

Edit: Yeah rate me dumb, I speak for the stolen hats by actual creator, JetBoom

I have been waiting for this for such a long time…nice job :smiley:

This is exactly the same as the bukkakelauncher SWEP i mean its just a bit modified. But still you got my download :suicide:

This looks pretty cool. It’s perfect for that wonderful time of the year?

when i use it it has no effect trail and launches an inch in front of me

My friend and me (Who both love christmas as FUCK) downloaded it and “celebrated” christmas yesterday on this map:

i belive if you still have the first swep it will just drop infront of you with no effects like in the picture