Snowed in [experimental snow edit]

Amazing man.
I want that map it looks a lot like skidrow
but what is he doing with his hands?

Wowie, Very sexy =]

He’s not doing anything really :stuck_out_tongue:
The map is just from the storyline of HL2.

Dammit my computer lags incomprehensibly while playing those so I’ll have to figure out another map >_>

You could probably just make a scenebuild of the props and buildings from hl2.

good idea.

Incredible snow edit.

Probably the best snow edit I have ever seen.

It’s fucking orgasmic, holy shit.

Am I the only one who thinks it looks like cotton?

Cotton??? Best snow edit I’ve seen so far I think. Stand and be recognized bodenlan you silly sausage.

that snow looks incredible dude, well done.



omg my avatar

Great snow.

Holy shit, awesome snow edit.


Does this mean anything or do you just want optimistic ratings :slight_smile: ?

This is just great, how long did it take to edit this? Did you do it snowflake by snowflake, or some sort of filter/brush?


Thats some amazing editing

The snow falling is made in photoshop using the filter noise and a bunch of other methods by duplicating and adding filters like crystallize to.

The snow on the soldier is hand drawn with a tablet using a stock brush in the “Natural Brushes 2” tab.