I found this “Real snowball” swep at, and got the idea about make my server to a snowballfighting server!
So, I started work like a crazy on a for this, and finally my first successfully coded mod was uploaded to my server today. It formed out pretty well, still in beta, but I would like to hear your opinion about it.

edit: Okay this is mad, the video doesn’t work.
So, there’s four teams, white, red, green and blue. White is not a actual team, but all fights against each other. The next three teams is teams like in Team Fortress etc. Just a little sad about I cant make the ant-friendly-fire work as I want.
Then people is suppose to kill each other with snowballs!
If they manage to kill someone, there will spawn a present on the dead mans buddy! (Or there WILL be, because I didn’t manage to do that either…)
Presents got random tf2 models, and contains another kind of snowballs, music and something creepy.

Of curse I’m not ready with this mod, (wich also is why I ask someone to help me fix the problems in the code) but here goes a svn link to google codes. I’m not really familiar with svn, but heres what google told me:

Non-members may check out a read-only working copy anonymously over HTTP.

svn checkout gmodsnowfight-read-only
Or just:

So what you think?

edit: and heres my server:

Your video has a black box halfway down?

Oh, it’s still warm, just from the upload button. Sorry about that, but its still proceeding :slight_smile:
Come back tomorrow and its watchable… I’m not here before 12 hours at least…

There’s already one. It’s hosted by Sadistic Slayer and I helped write the snowball effects for it, before this “Real Snowball SWEP” came about. Search on it.

Interesting video ya got thar.