Snowpiercer in S&Box

I don’t know which of you knows the Netflix series or the film “Snowpiercer”.
However, I would like to build a map for S&Box with the modern Source 2 engine and a Snowpiercer that can be comfortably inhabited while driving at 200 km/h and in which theoretically Roleplay would also be possible. The Snowpiercer train would become a spawnable vehicle or entity whose wagons and lockomotives could individually place and connect on the rails. I don’t know what the current limits for maps are in Source 2 but my goal would be to build a railway line where you would need at least an hour to go around it once before you get back to the beginning and that while you are at 200 km/h all the time!

In order to also ensure a good performance I would, if possible, build the train on multi-threading so that each additional car occupies another thread from all available CPU cores (as far as my goal) S&Box deal.

So far I’ve made a Snowpiercer map for Garry’s mod where I’m very limited because of Source 1:

It would certainly be a nice little experience for everyone to meet Mr. Wildford company on the Snowpiercer!


This is an amazing idea. It would be really cool to roleplay in a very small area, but might also become absolute aids. Good luck on this!


I thought about that too when I watched snowpiercer xD! Amazing idea, that’s great that somebody is making it.