I think I could have toned down on the fog a bit, but oh well.

The fog and obscuring snowfall fits really well to sell the “cold” aspect imo. The compression is seriously killing it though.

Should have gone in here:

It’s really boring, has no lighting and you can’t make out any details.
The snow effect lacks depth.

I like the left soldiers cigarette though.

and who dictates that? you?

maybe he wanted to make a thread so that comments like

can tell him what’s wrong so that he can improve

instead of having his pic just sink unnoticed into the endless sea of shots that is the WTPYP thread, you know?

I wasn’t trying to be a dick there is just really nothing to comment on IMO.

i’d myself point out that in addition to having no depth to it the snow effect also doesn’t blend with the background at all

this could be solved by giving them the slight blue tint of the fog instead of having them be completely grey