Snowy Day

“It’s Cold as TITS Out here!” -Noteloc


(This is maily just another snow test, and sorry about the low quality it was lost somewhere during the editing process some how(?) and yeah.)



C&C As always! (<–EXTREMELY Critical) :buddy:

7 Comments and 108(!!!) Views? C’mon Guys COmment when you look! D:

Heavy is Russian! He is used to that kind of weather.
Spy on the other hand, War of 1812 says it all, silly Frenchman.
I really like the snow and the clouds in the background.

I love the facial expressions!

Thanks guys, anyone else?

Very nice work mister!

The cloud/snow on the background look very copy pasted, the snow is still very 2D.
The snow cloud on the front looks very strong, it needs to be softed.

When doing snow, try making several layes, at least 3 layers, big, medium and one of small size so it gives the feeling that it is not just in the front but also in the back and the middle.

Thanks for the info, probably gonna do a V2 later on, but not now I’m gone to get hiiiiiiiigh :stuck_out_tongue:
but yeah thanks

I like it

New Version up Boys! Check OP! :buddy:

DAMN! That new one is huge! Had to use Firefox F11 to see the whole thing.
I like the new clouds and the breath added in.

The picture looks kinda stretched. Editing isn’t that bad though.

good/bad? (About the size) and thanks

Pretty sweet. I like it.

Looks better mate :slight_smile: altho the stretching looks kinda weird.

Awesome, I’m getting better! :buddy:

Personally I like it, I don’t care about the size of a picture AS LONG as I don’t have to scroll all around just to see the whole thing.

Noted. Thanks :buddy: