SNPC Clientside Corpses

So my SNPCs have a problem where they will sometimes not spawn their corpse. I will post the video when it’s finished uploading…

Here’s the relevant code snippets from the SNPC.

function ENT:SpawnRagdoll()

  self:Fire( "BecomeRagdoll", "", 0 )


function ENT:DoDeath( dmginfo ) // called after the npc takes damage exceeding its health

if self.Dying then return end

self.Dying = true

self.Entity:SetNPCState( NPC_STATE_DEAD )
//self.Entity:SetSchedule( SCHED_DIE_RAGDOLL ) // this seems to cause problems



BecomeRagdoll() seems to always remove the entity, but not always spawn the ragdoll. Does anyone have any advice or knowledge on this matter?

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I guess i could just do self:Remove() serverside and have that run on the client when the entity is removed. I’ll see if it improves anything.