SNPC Creation

Hi, I’m trying to make an SNPC from the template on the GMod Wiki, but I’m only using it as a backbone for mine. Basically, I looked at it, and took out everything unnecessary, and I plan on adding all my own things to the code. But the problem is, I want it to place sounds when it gets hurt, when it dies, when it spots an enemy, etc., but I need a list of functions to play those sounds, like a function for when it dies, a function for when it spots an enemy, etc. Thanks in advance!

Well, even on the template they have a place for it, but there is a section for the OnNPCDeath or something similar. It may be just OnDeath. I’m not sure. But that i there. You just put the EmitSound:“path/to/sound.wav” there. Or however that works again. I’m just starting to dive into SNPCs, but I do know that much at least.

i’m doing something similar but whenever i spawn mine the console fills with this

Bad sequence (-1 out of 1 max) in GetSequenceLinearMotion() for model ‘Roller_spikes.mdl’!