Snpc Footstep noises

I’m working on some SNPCs using Garry smod standard code for coding SNPCs (found on the gmod wiki, here: ) however it does not list any way of adding Footstep noises. I’m quite sure I have to make a function that calls the noises whenever the NPC moves, however I have no idea how I would go about doing that, still sort of new to Lua so if anyone could help, it would be appreciated.

(Also if this has already been asnwered, I apoligize for posting this, however I am for some strange reason unable to access the search functions on Facepunch. I am uncertain if this is just me, or if it is a problem everyone is having, but all I know is that when ever I try to search I am directed to a page informing me that “I do not have permission to access this page”.)

Perhaps this can be of assistance to you.

Not really sure if that is how you do it. Just hope it points you in a direction.