SNPC Help?

hey sup guys ummm idk if this is a bad thread to post in here (this is my first time makinga thread btw) but: I rly need help! Im trying to make the Alien Assassin (I also wanna make the Combine Guard afterwards if I can) into snpc(s) for GMOD , so if anyone out there could give me a decent step-by-step SNPC tutorial (I’ve looked all over and so far I’ve found nothing relating to snpcs) , that’d be rly helpful

btw , IF I could (since I’ve seen a Hellknight and Imp from Doom 3 put into a pack of snpcs for gmod) , I’d love to make some of the monsters from both Doom 3 and ROE with help.

That has a basic outline, schedules, and tasks for the NPC.

Do you know lua? You’ll need to know how to port models & animate

I know how to port them but (yeah Im a lua noob to be honest) do I put the ported mdls somewhere specific? and when ya say animate , do ya mean the smd files or creating animations? Yeah ima need help