SNPC Model Error

Hey guys, this is my first attempt at making a SNPC, i used a model i got from and changed some lua code from another SNPC to suit this, but i’ve hit a snag. When i try to spawn my SNPC, it appears as a big red “ERROR”, im pretty sure this is a error with the model, either its the wrong type or doesn’t have animations or something, anyway, heres the code i’ve written, maybe the problem is in there.

local Category = “Child”
local NPC = { Name = “Child”,
Class = “npc_citizen”,
Model = “models/child_worker_m1.mdl”,
Health = “75”,
Category = Category } – Sets the category to combine

list.Set( “NPC”, “npc_child”, NPC )

I’ve tried putting the files in the gmod’s directory in materials, models and lua, but it didn’t work, so i’ve moved them into a working SNPC’s addon folder, it still does the big error though.

Oh, and if you have a problem with me trying to make a SNPC of a child, dont bother replying.

The model is non existent or is broken because the model path looks good.

The model works when i insert it as a model, not a npc

So you can see it in the spawnlist?

no, because i moved the files to the addon folder, and only in that path mode, i can give u a link to the models if u like


ill check if the model is in the spawn list now though


k i checked it, and its in the spawn list as a model as well, the model works fine, and i saw some error codes when i exited gmod, ill check them later cause i have to go now

Ok, i checked the error message, and this is what it said.

KeyValues Error: RecursiveLoadFromBuffer: got EOF instead of keyname in file models/child_worker_m1.mdl
mdlkeyvalue, (prop_data),

Any ideas?