SNPC panicing?

Is it possible to make an SNPC panic and run from the player if the player is to kill a large amount of the SNPC’s allies in a certain amount of time?
Also, is it possible to set the likelihood of when the SNPC will cower if a certain number of his allies are killed?

No I meant with lua scripting.

That’s exactly what he gave you. If it’s an entity then you can spawn it. This is not reserved to mappers.

But SNPCS can’t hear things.


Read the article?


Ah, forget it

edit: Oh, sorry. I didn’t know you guys misread it.

No you are right we all read you wrong. Since they are entirely scripted in lua youwill have to script a panic behaviour before being able to use it.


All of that is possible yes, but will have to be made from the ground up.

You need to set a radius, a looped timer, and check how many SNPC’s that are the same type as the one the radius is set around, have been killed by a player, and then run an animation.

Sounds pretty difficult, but would be pretty cool nonetheless. Thanks for the help so far =)