snpc/playermodel request

guess who?..

him…in that exact costume

alternate choices if you cant do it…


casual 1:

casual 2:

of course i want this face and head regardless of the outfit : …of course with pupils

oh and the snpc…i want someone who can do this well to somehow make him use the moves in marvel nemesis…with material or ragdoll claws that pop out

alternitavly you can give him a l4d zombie moveset and give him a timed hunter pounce (like he jumps off after 4 seconds)

oh and if you can health be at 856 hp

also for the player you can put claws for 1 playermodel and none for the other


oh and if you can… put voice clips from marvel nemesis in…(ie pain noises and grunting when he attacks)

here you go i couldnt get the hunter animations but i did make him an citizen

could you try a more casual type of outfit?


nice work but the wolverine there is also bin done too…i have it but i want a true wolverine

it is nice for people who dont/ cant find the pack


hey do you have left 4 dead?

you could port the files

(also i dont think there is a casual wolverine…)

i do like it but i have something like it

hmm…ill scan a drawing you may be able to try, its basicly wolverine, no mask, in a citizens (hl2) clothes, but ripped off sleeves and gloves

or just no sleeves