SNPC's wont attack

Sometimes they do. Sometimes they dont. It seems to depend on the map, with GM_construct they attack all the time and dont stop. On any other map, only some attack and some dont. And sometimes they dont attack at all. Also what i found to be quite odd is that when i killed one, i got the achievement ‘’ innocent bystander ‘’… Which is basically to kill an innocent NPC so many times.

So im wondering what is making the SNPC attack and then stop and suddently become an ‘’ innocent bystander ‘’ or even a non-enemie

It all depends on whether the map has a proper node graph. gm_construct does, gm_flatgrass does not.

When starting the game the map should say something about node graphs when the map doesnt have proper node graphs, if it doesnt say anything, then its fine lol

Hmm… Well most of the maps i have do not have node graphs. But normal NPC’s such as citizen/combine still attack you even without nodes being on the map. Is there anyway to make the SNPC’s i have made for me not use nodes like citizen/combine