Sooo I wanted to upload a snpc to the cloud, (there is dr. HAX for example) and I was wondering how i might go about doing that. I have a init and cl_init and Shared.lua so how would i combine multiple scripts into one big chain (uploading content only gives you one space)

Copy all the files the textbox, with shared at the top.

Okay, Ill see about that.


Didnt work… Im confused now. Ill go look at Dr. HAAX’s script


I was going to do one for the hydra but there is like, 204333 Million lua files in it.

Does anyone happen to have a template for snpc’s? I’ve made some basic npcs in the past but it appears cloudscript doesn’t like using:

local NPC = { Name = “npc_name”,
Class = “npc_class”,
Model = “model path”,
Health = “value”,
KeyValues = { citizentype = 4 },
Category = Category }

as the only code in the file.

Needs to be a scripted entity.

Did you MAKE these?

As far as I know you can get banned for uploading stuff you didn’t make to toybox.

Ah so you need to go through and right out all the AI scripts like Dr.Haxxs. Guess its experimenting till I get it right time!

Dr. Haax is just a Breen Playermodel with an inflated head that does the crowbar swing animation and creates the monitor entity in your direction quickly. (In a nutshell, much more complex than that)

So in other words hes not even really an npc. Are npcs even possible to upload to Toybox at the moment then?