SnS - 9mm Rocket Propelled Bullets Pistol

Just like those fuckin firecrackers.

This is a little side project I had been working on. Polished it and finished it in a time lapse of about two days. So basically its a 9mm Pistol with a special touch to it, called RPB. RPB for Rocket Propelled Bullets. So basically when you shoot, your bullet will try to find the closest enemy and check if it is visible. If it is, then it will auto target to it, just like an homing launcher but on a way smaller scale.

There are great aspects to this SWEP such as:
[li]HL2 Crosshair like ammo information
[/li][li]Auto targeting system ( RPB )
[/li][li]Visibility checks, and distance check
[/li][li]Use of TF2 Particles ( Yes, you need TF2 )
[/li][li]Multiplayer Support
[/li][li]And some more

So go ahead and give it a try, pretty fun SWEP.

Video Media

Image Media

That looks awesome. You have my download.


Also what hud do you use? It’s very nice and I would like one like that too.

This should have been a minigun. :v:

Looks awesome, maybe try an explosive or otherwise special version?


nice looks awesome

It is a personal HUD I made for myself not too long ago. Don’t know if i’ll release it. :stuck_out_tongue:

There is an explosion, you can see it in the vid, its a small explosion, similar to a firecracker.

I would love for you to release it.

You think you could make a costumized pistol? I dont like that gun, but the rest ROCKS! You got my download ;p

I downloaded, then realized all the things I needed. :stuck_out_tongue:
Guess that’s another reason to buy the Orange Box and whatnot. Great work nonetheless. Can’t wait to get the necessities so I can use this.

Also, I agree with the part about the HUD. It’s pretty awesome. :smiley:
I’m still stuck with the boring default one. :frowning:

Alright then, I’ll probably be heading for my HUD release.

And thanks for the comments !

You always make awesome stuff, keep up the good work.

Im the Rocket Propelled Bullets Weapons Guy. It cost 9 million million to fire this weapon, for 9 milliseconds. AAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!! Oh god… who touch my Rocket… WHO TOUCH MY ROCKET??? They think they’re more explosive than me… Maybe…sigh Maybe…
Lol I couldn’t resist! ( Yes 9 million million = 9mm LOL XD )
Also, omg 9 million million to fire the weapon for 9 milliseconds? I cant imagine how it would cost for 1 hour, all the money on the earth? O_O xD

A minigun version would be cool
Is it OK if i make a minigun version?

this isn’t meet the heavy :stuck_out_tongue:

Yah, for your self. Releasing it would just be reuploading my content, and I’m not really for that.

What if he credits you when he releases it, and gives a link to this page. It would boost your popularity and downloads.

It looks like a weapon straight out of SMOD! Good work!

I was expecting one of those 5-second SWEPs that make explosions at aimpos, was pleasantly surprised.

Thank you. And trust me, I hate those 5 seconds SWEPs just as much as others.

I actually wanna get into SWEPS but don’t know how… Should I look at the lua wiki page? Is there any previous knowledge I need or can I just jump right in.