SnS: Airstrike V2.0 Final Release

Airstrike V2.0 Final Version

This is the final Version of the Airstrike.
I have made many changes to the original to fit many of people’s demands.
Here is a change log:
+New: View Model (Scope Gun (Binocular))
+New: Rocket Model
+New: Explosion Effect (made it bigger and nicer, also dosen’t spam errors after a while)
+New: Removed the laser function and replaced it by a Zoom in the Binoculars
+New: Reload function is to unzoom from the Binoculars (you always have ammo now)
+New: SWEP is now Admin Only
+New: Made a sound table so there is 5 random sounds for primary attack
+New: Made a new Trail to the rocket
+New: The rocket now comes down faster and the Shooting delay is lowered (this way you can shoot fast)
+New: Changed the Explosion sound to a more Decent one
+New: The explosion now unfreezes props and destroys constraints
+New: Custom HUD overlay when zooming in with Binoculars

  • More.

Here is the video:


Also I would like to say a big thanks to Marine123 for making an explosion effect that I unfortunatly didn’t use. But I think he still deserves credits.
I would like to give credits to |P|aaagamer|K| for making the sounds of the airstrike call. Thanks.

Next SWEP to come around should be Shrapnel Grenade V2.0.

Thanks for Downloading.


I can’t see Youtube on my office!!!
I was waiting so bad for this release…
Cant wait to get to my house :slight_smile:

Haha, I that gave me a good laugh. Thanks.

Use ep2 effects with cool flash and refraction shockwave.
If you need help with that, you know who to beat. Hit I mean. Fuck this shit.

Wee downloading… seems very good

A red smoke coming from the marked place would be pretty cool, right now it looks more like an artillery strike but nice work anyways.

The reason why im not implementing Episode 2 content is because I don’t have it, like many others, and I wanna make it accesible to most people.

I like alot of other people have been waiting for this swep for a long time. The only thing I would request is that you make it a little slower. Its almost like a point and click explosion. Other then that its great.

Ah, thanks for telling. This is where I see we all have different requests, lots of people asked me to make the Strike come down faster, so this is why I made it so.

Putting this on my server at school and the lan shop.
You know what this finally reminds me off? The Ion Cannon from C&C, just not… well. Ion Cannony. xP

Thanks :D, been waiting for something like this.

Yah kinda right. Oh and I have seen someone making an Ion Cannon SWEP. Let me a second to find the vid.
Ok there we go:

The SWEP is being made by Empty_Shadow.

Oh fuck, that’s pretty nice.

Thank you, but are you speaking of Empty Shadow’s Ion Cannon or my Airstrike?
If your talking of my Airstrike then I appreciate the comment.

I love you <3 nice one

Its a good thing you listen to the actual users, lots of improvements from V1. Im proud of you.

Thanks Hakita, the V2.0 was really meant to fit people’s demand, and I think it gave a good result, Thanks for following my development into Lua.

bug I found : when I shoot airstrike there are a white screen above my face and left or right side

Very nice! I’ll try it out. Looks awesome.

it would be nice if the explosions where a tiny bit smaller and in stead of just one bomb why don’t do a carpet bombing round?