SnS: Cinematic Airstrike SWEP

[release] This Is Out Of Date [/release]
[release] See V2.0 in the Scripted weapons forum [/release]

Airstrike V1.0 out of date

Download link:

Current Features
-Aerial Shot (shot comes down from the skybox)
-Laser pointer
-Cinematic Explosion
-Custom Gun Model (Thanks to who made it)
-Primary and Secondary Fire
-Primary Fire = Airstrike
-Secondary Fire = Laser pointer
-Custom Sounds
-Custom Icon (I say this cause I never got it working before)

Authors of the SWEP

The Original Idea was from Aimosal, He wished to have an Airstrike type of SWEP
For his server and for his future film editing, so we made it for him.

Things That could be added or changed
-New Gun model
-Shot coming down at an angle
-Some bugs that may occur (none known)

Contact us

Awesome, but I think the explosion to be bigger. :v: … Man, FacePunch needs one of those things so you can put the line through the text, but anyway. I agree with Blah360

No, the explosion is fine. I just think you should add the ability to have a barrage of of bombs coming down. And they don’t always hit the exact location, make it less accurate. Otherwise this is pretty nice.

You should make the effect more like in Explosive Entities Stool.

You are making lots of progress, sylph.

Also, change the rocket model.

Yah, I know all of this, but this SWEP was made under the demands of someone not us. He wished to have this type of SWEP so we made it for his server and now we’re releasing to everyone. Thanks for the great ideas guys. Shoax and I could probably make another version of this ;).

Doesn’t look like an airstrike at all

maybe WW2 bombs from PHX ?

Read my previous comment.

I didn’t see anything cinematic about that whatsoever.

I said Cinematic because of the explosion.

Cinematic definition:

“A medium that disseminates moving pictures” , “Techniques are methods employed by film makers to communicate meaning, entertain, and to produce a particular emotional or psychological response …”

This has a lot of that meaning, since the rocket its a moving picture, that sequence to an event of emotion to the character (The explosion).

Plus, this was made for a movie, it was made as a technique employed by the film maker to attract the viewer.

Great SWEP btw, even tho i have to agree with Hakita, you need to improve the Rocket model :slight_smile:


Make bigger explosion ones

Geez! Can’t you guys read! This was made under someones demand, Shoax and I created it for him and published it, I already said this like two time now. And by the way, Thanks guys.

He just wanted you to know how much Facepunch wants it.
So please, make another version.

Alright, I’ll make another version and try to fullfil everyones demands.

Aww i was expecting something like this:

Good work though.

Wow, that was sick…

An Explosion Swep that haves a sonic wave would be cool.

Try using the headcrab cannister’s method, I think it’s a VMF, so it’s more like an artillery strike, and of course, instead of the shell sticking and releasing headcrabs, just have it explode, but a bit larger.

Here’s my basic understanding of how the headcrab canister works, it makes an entity using the 1/16th scale canister model in the skybox using a forced arc, then creates the fullscale at the top of the map.

I think the headcrab canister is the wrong way to go

Well, that way you don’t get a magic bomb appearing out of nowhere whenever you use it.

Nah Headcrab cannisters wouldn’t be the best solution, It would almost be like ripping off the code from the person who made it. Wrong idea, but thanks for comments.