SnS: Daft Punk Player Models

[release]Name: Daft Punk Player Models
Release Date: Nov. 20 2009
Content: 2 Daft Punk Player Models
-Thomas Bangalter
-Guy Manuel de Homem Christo
Extras: Animated LED Textures

Daft Punk Player Models Description
This is my Daft Punk player models on which I have been working for a while now. This pack as you may have read contains the 2 artists from Daft Punk and the LEDs on their helmet is animated. The body is the frame of a normal citizen, the UV mapping was made using references and the helmets were completely made from scratch.

Video Media
This is a short video I have made showing off the two player models.

Player Models Download Link
Here is the download link to the file.

Helmets Download Link
Here is the download link to the file requested by jabba69R.

Thank you for downloading.

Definetly downloading.


Your Statement Fails So Hard

You my good sir, win.


You, my good sir, don’t.

my god i have to have them thanks alot for making them two :smiley: dowloading now!!!

A tutorial on how to make those textures would be lovely.

Awesome, needed something to shoot with sweps.

Thomas’ helmet needs a little work, as does their jackets.

But the LEDs are very cool.

Sylph can you do theres head masks as props too ?

You are amazing for this.

Sweet hopping Jesus on a pogo stick!
Dude! That is awesome!

Thank You everyone XD
Im pretty proud of the final result.

Ok, I admit Thomas’ Helmet needs a bit of work, but you get the picture :P.

Here is what could help you, this is the VMT I use for the reflectiveness in the Helmet:

	"$baseTexture" "*BASE TEXTURE*"
	"$bumpmap" "*BUMP MAP TEXTURE*"
	"$envmap" "env_cubemap"
	"$envmapcontrast" "0.8"  
	"$envmapsaturation" "[.5 .4 1.3]"
	"$envmaptint" "[.6 .6 .6]"

Of course, look up in the OP you’ll find the link. I made them for yah.

i really love daft punk, finally player models came out


It’s a duo, they are djs, youtube them.


Google it you fool.

EDIT: Yes I know I’m late.


Then stop posting here since you are obviously not interested in this.

This is awesome, altho they look a little low-poly.
Anyway im downloading this shit when I get to my home :smiley: