So about this map wipe...

I know there is going to be a map wipe very soon but I was curious as to how this affects our characters. I have heard that you keep items and position on the map, I heard only items, I heard fresh start completely because of the update and some other ones that were probably trolls. But what is the truth? Can someone confirm what will happen with the wipe?

Thanks ~Legit

usually when the map wipes it’s because the game hit the maximum amount of network id’s (building peices, reosurces, etc) and when that happens the only things to get wiped are buildings. you keep whatever you have on you and you’ll be in the same position. just minus whatever house you had.

Thank you very much! Yeah I just wanted to make sure.

Why is there such a low max? I don’t notice bad performance on the client when the map is littered with construction.

Yeah I think it has something do with the update maybe? Also it might not affect the client but the lag would increase? I don’t know honestly.

They’re static objects so it shouldn’t be that much of a problem, but yeah I don’t know either.

There’s been no update in the last couple of days. Last update was 4 days ago.

Last update wasn’t 4 days ago. they are deleting the “update list” sometimes

Well… I guess I will have to start logging out with a foundation, 4 windows, 4 pillars and 4 doors :suicide:

I’ll spawn next to you with a single barricade, hop your window wall’s and jack your stuff! Muahahaha.

the max is actually pretty high. but when you have a few hundred people making giant tower bases using multiple doors and barricades for each wall to keep people out that maximum limit can get hit pretty quick.

It got me killed. I had a fuck-ton of stuff, and some ass shoots me. I was safe the previous night, fuck this

The current max according to a quote from Pat I’m too lazy to dig up is 90,000. That’s 90,000 net entities, so if a door is touching another door, it counts it as three. The original system wasn’t intended for the masses of shit we’re doing to it, thus why Pat did this last wipe and changed the system. Should clear up the problem in the future so instead of your 40 piece fort counting as like, 3000, it’l count as one single entity.

Its an Alpha, its in testing, it was not meant to have 300+ people playing it at once… oh and its an Alpha :rolleyes:

If you didn’t know about the map wipe, you need to come on the forum more. People were talking about it in chat too. I was fine. I built a new house because I night before I got tons of wood in preparation.

“omg why did the map wipe?? why garry release game when he wipe everything.”

I am so tired of hearing this. It’s Alpha and some people expect the game to be perfect. They seriously deserve to be booted from the game and let someone else play to help continue the development.

That’s the thing, I knew about the wipe

I spawned in, walked 5 feet to someone else’s house, someone came out and shot me

That’s rust for you.

Hilarious, but you were in their yard so… trespassing lols.

I can’t imagine when the game is release that the whole map will be one big house with thousands of other houses inside it.