So anyone else not bothered with rust?

I remember doing anything for a key, but these days its just not worth it anymore.

Dont see any streamer worth watching, and tons of other games coming out taking away everything rust has to offer.

Seems to me Rust wont be a succes, unless they come up with something amazing that will blow everyones mind away

Oh btw, im not bothered with youtube, I HATE edited shit by 16-22 yr old players.

I think it’s too early to call. The development is still at a point where it can take many directions
I tried out minecraft when it was in alpha and got tired of it but it got huge and still is. I have a younger sibling addicted to it!
They didn’t change anything major with that game; just added more and more features.

my personal interest in this game is the sense of freedom and lack of structure. a game like this can have things added to it for years before becoming a classic (it has that potential).

Obviously you haven’t seen georgzm’s videos.

You’re welcome George, free promotion.

The only videos I’ve been seeing about rust is twelve year olds begging for keys and people “Commentating” trying to make a game with a majority about walking and getting killed seem interesting.

I’m a big fan of Rust. At it’s best I’m paranoid of everything, and at it’s worst it kicks me in the groin.

Basically the whole game is based around fear and uncertainty. It’s designed that way, and it accomplishes that with flying colors. It’s an interesting game mechanic that I haven’t really seen anywhere else. It’s especially interesting to see the ecosystem that players form. In some cases it’s a survival-of-the-fittest situation, and in other cases people band together because that’s what is needed for survival. Clans aren’t just people running around right-click-inviting, they’re people that organized themselves into groups living in a certain area to help each other survive. You’ve also got people that roam around looting and scavenging (bandit groups). A good deal of the time, it feels a lot like if an apocalypse were to actually happen.

I recall one instance yesterday. Me and a friend were out hunting for resources. Some guy killed us, and then asked if we wanted our stuff back. So we assembled some guns and ammo, met him where we died. My friend held him at gunpoint while he dropped our stuff, which I picked up till my inventory was full, and then I took a turn holding him at gunpoint while my friend got the rest. Both parties then very carefully left, guns still pointed at each other until we were too far to see each other. It was tense, and afterward I was quite relieved to have my supplies back (what few there were). It’s situations like that, that really make the game.

Sense when the fuck does shit like that happen ever in rust?

Also the thing about these “Survival genre” games is that it’s not really about survival, it’s more about go around kill everyone you see, then make sure you make a base that doesn’t get raided.

At most I think of rust more as “The person that can get guns and ammo and kos everyone first wins”.

You hate shit edited by 16-22 year old players? You do know that the most talented editors out there are around this age?

Yesterday. Wednesday the 28th, to be precise, at around 10:00 PM-ish IIRC

What exactly do you mean by “talented”? Because a person editing out shitty parts in their video wouldn’t be considered a very talented editor by me, I would just say he knows how to edit.

So you are telling me you would like to see videos made by 60 year old men just talking over a game? :v:

I know I do.

so what you’re saying is, it’s survival?

survival doesn’t necessarily mean sat in a shack in the woods hiding from zombies and killing deer. making a base that doesn’t get raided while killing others (for supplies or just to kill) is still survival. nuff said

True, when i found out about this game I was trying so hard to get a key… I dont think its worth it anymore lol