So, Anything to DO in this game?

I decided to take my first venture into the multiplayer world of this game to see what it was all about. All I find is servers with no one talking and a couple of folks in it doing…nothing. I ask what the point or goal is - what do we do exactly? I get ignored.

So i just start messing around and exploring my options and get yelled at and banned from the server. What the hell is the point of this? Why would I bother with playing a game filled with douchebags who won’t be friendly and answer simple questions and just get pissed off when you, you know, play the game?

Pretty big waste of cash so far…I’ve dicked around and made a few amusing screenshots but…doesn’t seem to be good for anything else than getting banned from multiplayer servers for doing basically anything but standing still.

Download wire.

and that means…what, exactly?

Give MP more of a chance. My 8 year old son has logged most of the almost 400 hours on our account and he’s just recently started multiplayer. It does appear that people are doing their own thing while they’re building, but that’s what gmod’s about. For the most part, people have been nice enough, tolerant at least, and some have been engaging. We’re having more fun than ever with gmod in MP. If you’re not so much into building and monkeying around with contraptions, check out Trouble in Terrorist Town. [disclaimer: I’m a 40 yo former TFC addict with little free time whose opinion simply may not be relevant to some.]

Well that’s the thing. no one was doing anything at all. There were two people, and one was floating. there was a windmill of sorts where every item was a big red “ERROR”.

I was ignored when I asked what was going on so i just played with the tool gun and got yelled at and booted…

Every other server I try gives me the same silent treatment… thinking i might just try to get my money back.

You most likely joined a build server. Build servers require you to be creative and build something entertaining. A general idea of what to build can be found by looking around. People building forts? Make sure its not some kind of fortwars server(you can usually tell by the number of things exploding.) and build a fort to put theirs to shame. Alternatively you could join a server that is not in build mode, such as the Nox servers. However, I would suggest learning how I did back in Gmod 8, join a server mess around and try not to do the things that get you kicked/banned in other servers.

That big red errors are Wire (svn) and Phoenix Storms Model Pack (svn).
Every build server that is good has them and only douches/mingebags do not have them.

A. Don’t mess with anything if it isn’t yours.

Mainly just start playing with the basic tools in SP. Once you have a good grip on it then perhaps go into a special server like PropHunt or hide and seek. Take it slow.


oh and good luck with that.

Don’t ever try DarkRP.
You could stop by my server and we’d help you out.

DarkRP is boring, first server i played on. I ended up stalking a police officer while crouching. Didn’t get me banned though.

Just mind your own, build a house, then live inside it and never go outside. Eventually someone will check it out.

Play Trouble in Terriost Town, its good fun.
If you can’t find a server look up Chiefeh TTT server.

Hopes this helps.

If you act civilized people might want to build with you or invite you to build with them or if you have friends who have Gmod, invite them to build something of your own.

Usually people are a bit hesitant on letting random people potentially mess up what they’re doing but you can take part in building something similar to theirs and compete with your contraptions for example. Pretty much anything’s possible as long as you have enough imagination.

Don’t be an ass. Just because somebody doesn’t have PHX or Wiremod doesn’t make them a mingebag. It just means they probably just got the game and don’t know about addons yet.

You’re going to wonder what the fuck is going on if you don’t have PHX or Wire.

Well, most people don’t get PHX or Wire until they’ve had the game for a few days. My friend at school finally got it and he never got PHX until I went to his house and got it for him, along with Wire and Smartsnap.


I got confused that Wire had their own website, so i thought they removed Wire from every site, lol.

When i first bought Garry’s Mod, i thought multiplayer was utter shit and singleplayer was awesome.

It takes time, Once you download the reccommended addons, find a decent server ( I always had a thing for DarkRP ), stick with it and you’ll find it an unforgetable experience. I’m still friends with people i met in the server 1-2 years ago.

Now i’m superadmin/owner, it all pays off :v:

When I first bought GMod I went right away and downloaded the awesome addons that I allways have wanted to get and I knew that GMod without addons is like the game not fully completed, as playing a 1% completed game.

Surely there was more than just that server to JOIN :S GMod MP is Pwnage + FTW x Whoopass.

You should find a group on steam called Red Dragon Gaming, we have loads of projects on the way, and it aint just some super-human calculating admin that does everything, we have regular organised events on the server, Clan Wars, Machinima Night (both filming and watching).

Their latest project totally pwns everything XD making a full-length gmod 10 film. Cant tell yo what its 'bout tho :smiley:

If your interested just stop by and you can feel free to join in :slight_smile: