So apparently a very popular Rust cheat provider got cracked...

I was browsing the tubes and I came across a video by some guy displaying the crack at work, and then displaying the cracked client and showing that it actually injects into the game, and that it actually works. Kind of mind-blowing stuff to think that there are hackers out there that actually care about the community enough to rat out cheat users. Of course the cheat is now “public” but it’s a good thing because the developers of rust can hopefully take advantage of the situation and make the cheat detected.

The video in question:

It was uploaded today and only has 54 views… Care to tell us how you came across it?

LOL! Great… Thats all we needed now… Someone came into my server today with some hacks apparently using the same method as well… FML

I find this kind of fishy. Why did you post it here rather than sending the link to a forum mod?

I was browsin 4chan and someone said on there that it was cracked so I went ahead and searched for it

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the same reason why there is a “Rust Exploits” forum, to get the message out so the devs fix it

They will get banned like everyone else…

Everyone is trying to ruin this game and its getting old. Thank OP for the heads up

It’s pretty obvious that OP is trying to get people to download the link in his video description, which is a trojan.