So, can you break the new metal bars?

With a hatchet?


Can you break anything that’s metal with a hatchet?


I tested window bars yesterday. I put 10 C4 on window bars (dead center), one at a time. No effect. 2 Charges to blow wood frame though is easy enough.

They’re apparently invulnerable.

I put 20 C4 on a set of bars as a test… nothing.

Yes. You can break metal ramps with hatchets. But I didn’t try metal bars yet.

Wow. There is metal bars now on rust? I gotta check out the website!

Just blow off the wall, Its easier.

Awesome, maybe I should have looked this up before I spent 2 days farming for C4 and wasted 7 on some bars! -_-

I think ur doing something wrong. I tested that Yesterday. 2 C4’s blowed down metal bars with the wall.

“with the wall” indicating you placed on the wall and not the bars themselves. Btw when they made that change they did announce that the window bars would be indestructible.

The only things you can melee are wooden doors, the shack, both ramps and both stairs. You can c4 everything but foundations, pillars, and ceilings.

Yes but u still got the access to the room that had metal window bars. Right?
So wheres the problem?

So let me get this right, if I place the C4 on the wood part of the wall with metal bars I ‘can’ blow out that wall with bars and all? I can clearly see the wall is getting weaker/blacker…


It’s been patched, takes the same amount of c4.

Yea, metal stairs and metal ramps.