So, finally got a chance to check out the new Rust since Experimental allowed building!

Well, a few days ago, I finally got to hop on and try out the new Rust in it’s current state of progress, and played some Legacy Rust as well. I think it’s coming along nicely; I’m getting a lot more frames, and consistently less stuttering (granted I have to play on the lowest graphics settings in order to have a good view distance, but still).

Starting out is far, far more brutal now, but not in a bad way. Getting your first sleeping bag comes with the surprise that when you go over to beat up an animal, it can kill you very quickly, and run your ass down if you aren’t prepared. Wildlife that was actually dangerous and not annoying (wolves that sit behind you and bark for half of the map) was something I always wanted back in Legacy. Once you find a quiet area, getting a stone shelter together with a standard door isn’t too difficult, and while not that secure, it protects you from solo players for a good amount of time while you try to get a better door. I think building is still a bit confusing for new players, and I hope it’s somewhat changed, or a tutorial/help page is added at the main menu, or when the game is paused for things such as that. Once it gets going though, I love the new building system (no more hammering shit forever); it feels fluid, and the buildings look like actual buildings instead of giant boxes everywhere. Only gripe right now is I feel like there REALLY needs to be a workbench in the game. I also hope Rad Towns are expanded upon (probably will be), and more trap types to defend your base or troll people will be added (same with water bottle). That, and eventually seeing more animal and mutant creatures will be cool, especially if some could be tamed as pets to keep around the base and help defend, or used to ride to travel a bit faster.

Another person let me join them and I got to try out all of the weapons currently in the game, bar the Eoka and Pipe Shotgun. I think they actually all felt great, and like they had life to them. Having bullet drop/time is cool as well, and would be interesting to see when wind is added. I honestly never liked Legacy Rust’s combat because hitscan at long range is so boring. Landing long range shots takes 0 effort compared to predicting movement, and eventually ended up just fighting people with the bow and pipe shotgun with cloth armour (camo for rocks, not for durability) so it actually felt like I had to make some sort of attempt to at least have fun with it. That or pissing people off with the bolt-action rifle. The bolt action’s range in Legacy with it’s power made it hilarious with hitscan, even with the sway it still felt too good to me. It practically turned into sitting in the rocks shooting people at nearly 200m with iron sights just to see how many times it would take for me to kill them for them to find me, or call me a hacker. I also would like to add that the makeshift AK-47 looks and feels great to use, and I feel like it really goes with the game’s rough feeling infinitely better than the clean, modern (both I know were placeholders) which felt very out of place.

I honestly don’t understand why people want Legacy back. Sure, this version of Rust has it’s share of bugs, but Legacy had a lot of it’s own bugs and problems, even without hackers. I hated getting disconnected when I got my shit slapped by doors (resulting in a kick), breaking your ankles after falling 2 inches (removing fall damage created other problems, such as giving players too many movement options on terrain), the ugly buildings and griefing with ceilings, climbing pillars with barricades, getting pinched by window bars and dying (yes, actually happened to me several times), animals that run through the ground, the later bow glitching and not letting you swap to other tools, and easy-mode long range combat with hitscan weapons. I’m not saying Legacy Rust is bad, and I really enjoyed playing it. I might even occasionally play it with friends just to play around, but it honestly pales in potential and current state of how playable the new Rust is. I think it’s time to let go and leave it behind.

TL;DR version: After playing the new Rust, I feel like it has a lot of potential and aside from a few things such as a missing workbench to speed up crafting and lack of a thirst-refilling item (specifically for that, like the Bota Bag, which should be coming soon I’m guessing), it feels like this version of Rust HAS surpassed Legacy. I honestly don’t see much of a reason to go back and play it at this point, and the game seems to have reached an at least playable state. I can’t wait to see what this game’s future holds for it, and I hope it actually becomes very popular again.

I agree with you on pretty much everything. The new Rust has surpassed the old Rust in pretty much everything (minus a few things) except for one big thing, framerate. It is more playable for me now but 20 fps still isn’t that good… (especially when I used to get 50-60 fps in Legacy). A lot of my friends are waiting for it to become more optimized because they are getting less than 10fps and it is pretty much unplayable for them right now. However, I’m really looking forward to the future of Rust, the new Rust holds a lot of potential, and I can’t wait to see where the devs plan to take this game.