So is apparently "unsafe," according to Google.

Ach! I noticed I put Google instead of Microsoft! STUPID STUPID STUPID :facepalm:

My response to this:
what is this I don’t even

Firefox does not give me this message.

Why are you using IE?

Garrysmod is competition to google, I guess.

that’s because u pc have virus
u should clean it now.i got this problem before,it even won’t let me download any shit on internet

That’s beside the point.

Likely if you’re using IE, you aren’t as knowledgeable as to what might be on your computer, although a stereotype, if you knew the dangers of IE, you wouldn’t be using it.

For all you know, you have a virus as a direct result from using it daily.

dont use IE, its piss easy to get a virus through it and nothing works, and shit like that happens. use Opera, Firefox or Chrome

Firefox is almost just as bad as IE now, and Google Chrome has the LARGEST security holes.(less holes, but they are HUGE compared to the other browsers holes)

Opera is what I use, but it isn’t for protection. Don’t ever worry about what browser you use, worry about how good(and how many) the automatic protection is on your anti-wares(yes, you should have more than one).

I feel completely safe using IE, but I don’t like the browser. Hell, as long as you aren’t using chrome(which about half of you retarded, “Don’t use IE because it has more holes than a swiss soldier,” people) CHROME IS THE MOST INSECURE BROWSER AT THE MOMENT!!!

*Please know I am referring to the top 6 browsers when I say of all the broswers.

I’m on chrome, no problems. Got AVG to back me up. Not ever had a problem.

So what browser should I use?

I recommend Google Chrome, its very fast, very nice design, good protection, pop-up blocker and even addons.

Doesn’t really matter.
Chrome - Made for Javascript and PC speed, addons
Opera - Download speed
IE - Private browsing
Firefox - Secure?, addons