"So Gordon. The surpression field is down.."


Rastifan wanted me to do this.

oh my


She seems to have a case of “butterface”

Her face…


damn ninjas!


'dat face.

(User was banned for this post ("Image macro" - Greeman))

I agree with Zeraxify

Her mouth is just wrong.

And I don’t like the slutty model at all.

blowjob lips, innit.

too bad gordon’s cock is mangled due to the fact that all those “antidotes” and morphine that’s administered is injected through a needle down his urethra

Wow man, that hurt.

Seriously, my penis shrunk down to a small small ball and disappeared into my body.

also the needle has spikes so that the maximum amount of serum can be injected


you should make a comic or cont. post

shes ugly now without the sexy hair

no you just want to see a pov gordon boning aylx.
that i can do :slight_smile:

i say leave it to rastifan, he’s da mastur of sexposes.

High detailed model is high detailed.

Well that explains it.