So hac got released

hac got released

The anti cheat that has been around for 7 years or smth, does highly immoral things but noone ever bypassed it (idk what hex claimed in the end)

Means we can all laugh at it now and make our own version based off of it later

Here we can now discuss everything surrounding it

You can get it here btw:

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I am one of the great people on it’s “Fuck you list”, despite me me only joining his server once when I started with lua
(I must be a really big fish out of all the other people he banned)

I’ve yet to see something anti-cheat related that isn’t filled with drama. :v:
Also, people still get mad when their clientside files get leaked? That’s hilarious.
It’s like giving someone a book of instructions and then getting mad that they’re reading it.

I’m not saying everyone’s gotta be the most professional dude when it comes to Garry’s Mod, but with all this drama and whining he’s spewing it seems he’s hilariously the polar opposite.

Just post the download link with a brief description and get out. Don’t stroke everyone’s ego by putting them in a “fuck you” list. I’d laugh hard if I was put there.

I don’t care that my server freely distributes all the code you are looking at! Stop looking! Now! You can’t be allowed to see how I sent half the server logic in shared files or my crude anti-cheat that blocks people from using smartsnap on props!

Well, HeX also released a lot of hacks on that same page. Many of these hacks are outdated and deemed useless. But he also included three file stealers, and a lua injector. I don’t know if those still work, or how well they work, but it’s something to keep in mind. Likewise, I have heard there is source code for C++ hacks. It may not sound like much now to many of you, but when I messaged HeX here were our chats:

I apologize if I sound like I’m getting worried for nothing, I just want to be precautionary that this isn’t going to really screw over Gmod.

If that’s the case, is he releasing a lot of hacks in the hopes that people will start using HAC?

most of these commands seem malicious in the wrong hands. i dont want somebody wiping my data folder, its already happened like 3 times before

let me put some more:

So on a scale of 1-10 how bad does this fuck everyone?

if an admin decides to use these commands to fuck with peoples clients its at about a 15/10.

That’s true, but apparently it’s supposed to be very difficult to setup.
The documentation is 11 pages long, and it’s a rough documentation.
HAC was meant for HeX’s server, not as some addon to release publicly, until he decided to do so. But this was years into the development of it. Essentially, most people, most coders, would not be able to set it up successfully.

You would need to know Lua and C++ to do this, because it has C++ modules in the code.
You would also need to recompile these compiled modules or .dlls to work with your OS because HeX’s server ran on an old OS.

I could be wrong about all of this, I have talked to HeX about a lot of this, so I am fairly certain what I say is correct. If I’m wrong, somebody please correct me. I’d rather be wrong on this than right.

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A lot of the mailicious code has already been taken care of by whoever updates Gmod now (forgot his name, and I don’t remember if it’s still Garry).
I was also talking to HeX about this.

One of the most recent Gmod updates was to essentially fix what HeX was able to do.

He was able to do these things to hackers :
-Unbind all their keys
-Rebind them to weird and annoying things. For example, whenever you would Press Q , it would automatically connect you to his server.
-Upload these new binds to the Steam Cloud.
-Remove all of your friends on Steam.
-Shut off your computer.

That is what he told me if I recall correctly. Correct me if I’m wrong please.

But a recent Gmod update prevents HeX or anybody from using his methods to do anything I mentioned above. So I wouldn’t worry about that.

if you mash all the hacks together, do you get superhack?

Calm your tits, it can’t be used for anything else than sandbox (read the page)

That means less weird people will probably rewrite some of its detection methods without being overkill about it

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You get a lake of shit

I clicked on that page, thought my Facebook was playing one of my old videos. I recorded me playing that song on the piano and it got me really confused ^^

Anywho, On topic, good luck to all those wanting to set this up, you have a bit of work a head of you.

My apologies, I do remember that now, considering HeX’s server is a sandbox death-match server.

time to see if any of my scripts i made a few years ago are in the booty download
in 2 hours i shall see

edit: just realized there is an index for it, so i dont have to download 600MB of shit
Strangely nothing I made is in there despite most of my stuff being leaked to hell and back

Holy shit he’s got Falco’s menu.

It used to be lost in time, but it’s back!

HeX loves me.

“JamieH (STEAM_0:0:25687098, STEAM_0:0:37652268, STEAM_0:1:86271998) – For stealing and leaking HAC’s clientside code on Facepunch (TWICE), for copy+pasting a C++ hack & Lua file stealer, for buying & using Sethhack in 2012, for buying the domain before I could complete the checkout and then trying to sell it back to me in 2012, and for being a cheating scumbag who knows nothing but how to piss people off and cause drama. Fuck off you absolute asshole.”

I do love how he failed to mention back when I helped him out. Oh well I’m not going to go cry about it anytime soon. <3 you HeX

If this is true, you won the Limbo … you went lower than any person i have seen.

So I did leak HACs clientside code on Facepunch twice yeah, Once was in the thread where he was running modules on peoples computers and the other was in the HAC release thread where he was trying to take the moral highground for running modules on peoples computers. I didn’t actually copy and paste the C++ “hack” made my own from scratch and had a few pointers along the way. I did buy SethHack in 2012 but I did also help HeX attempt to reverse engineer SethHack (many hours, I love how he doesn’t mention this) - I was younger back then so it was more him telling me what to do over TeamViewer. I also did buy the domain because we were discussing how UH could expand and I wanted to help him, as I said I was much younger then and didn’t really think before I did anything, I didn’t ask him to buy it from me, I just simply asked him to pay for the domain transfer costs if he wanted the domain, probably could of transferred the domain to another account but I was young and dumb. I don’t really cheat either. But yeah I do enjoy a bit of drama not gonna lie.

Gotta’ love the country side…