So hard to get on your feet now?

They took away hatchets - which made it harder to get wood, now they make the furnaces which makes it take even longer!

I personally think they should add hatchets back. What do you think? Tell me below.

The wood and ore required for the hatchet isn’t really THAT hard to get, even with all the KoS, with just the rock. Depending on how hard the furnace is to acquire might make it a little more difficult but you don’t want it too easy.

You have a point, but they should add something before the hatchet, like a wood tool or something. They should also lower the materials required for a furnace and hatchet

Perhaps lowering the materials for the furnace… but not the hatchet.

I’ve now checked out the furnace and I think it isn’t at all expensive to build and maybe should cost a little more :slight_smile: The 10 stone/wood/fuel is pretty inexpensive actually.

To get most of the basic essentials… Door, basic shelter, box, campfire, food, hatchet and furnace …generally only requires 2 free floating stacks of wood (in the game world), 2x rock resources and 2 pigs. You might need another pig if you luck out on the animal fat but with that low number of resource gathering you’ll have left overs and more than enough to craft a pistol and bullets… which makes short work of a wolf/bear to get the extra cloth to make a bed.

Sure, it’s a hard road when you’re on the PvP servers and you’re getting constantly killed by people toting automatic rifles but it still doesn’t take long… 20 minutes if you’re being careful? More if you want to grab the resources and move more out of the way.