So has Facepunch abandoned Gmod?

Cause it’s pretty obvious they aren’t going to fix these damn hitboxes. I’m so sick of my hits not fucking registering. The hitboxes are worse than CS:GO’s hitboxes, and those are already abysmal.

Do people play Garry’s Mod as if it’s a highly competitive game where your hitboxes matter? I’ve never had too many issues honestly.

It also depends on what tick rate the server is playing on, and Garry’s Mod runs on low tick rates.

I play Murder quite a bit, and only half of my hits actually register. It’s a legit issue for most of the people playing on the server. Pretty sure the server is 64 tick.

And no, it’s not this server specifically, I’ve played on multiple different ones and they all have this issue.

It could be a matter of lag on the server as well. There’s a large multitude of things that should be taken into account before just claiming that FP has abandoned Garry’s Mod, as they clearly have Willox and gang working on it.

I edited my reply afterwards, but I’ll repeat it: It’s not this server specifically. It has happened across multiple servers.

And it’s not on my end; I have a constant 50-60 ping that never fluctuates.

I don’t think you understand.

Multiple servers could be having the same issue based on where they’re located, and where each player is located. The resources each server is allotted is also different.

You may have a lower ping, but there is still a delay between what happens client-side and server-side.

I think you were way too quick to jump to the conclusion that game is dead, when it’s not been seen as that large an issue.

When only half my hits are registering, it’s a large issue. Besides, there’s usually no more than 10 players on these servers at a time anyways, so it can’t be that too many players are on. And if there’s a delay between client and server, they should get rid of that delay, or at least make it as minimal as possible.

Honestly right now we’re just talking about what we’ve both experienced.

You need to record some numbers, and some tests to back up your claims if you want this to be taken seriously.

You also seem to show a lack of knowledge about how servers work, with your statement about getting rid of the delay. There will always be a delay, and with unoptimized addons adding to the mess, it only gets worse. If you’re going to make a post like this, you need to research and understand what you’re talking about as well.

Answer is yes. Garry still pushes updates to Gmod.

It ain’t garry though, he pretty much doesn’t give a fuck anymore. It’s mainly Robotboy655 and Willox who still work on GMod at this point.

Well ok then. I stopped playing Gmod anyway V:v:V and I just assumed garry still did updates.

Sorry Robotboy and Willox

How many threads about this will be made until you frickin fricks learn that your actions have consequences

It’s not like they’re harming anything by complaining, not sure where you get that whole “consequences from actions” thing.

It’s a shit reference to a video.

Specifically this one.

GMod seems alive as ever to me. If you take its age into account it’s truly astonishing.

For its age, it has lasted very well. It’s just… Too many things have been butchered by updates, fuck, id kill to play space build, since I sorta missed that era, but I hear gm13 killed it.

If someone wanted to make a space build today they could. But they don’t because it’s not what people want to play anymore.

yes gmod is dead because of those damn hitboxes that aren’t 100% perfect!!

(no game has 100% perfect hitboxes u’ll always run into a issue with hitboxes, try not using custom player models)

I ran a spacebuild server briefly a few months back, it got players but had to be taken down cos it was crashing every 20-30 minutes and wiping out peoples wip ships
I mean spacebuild was never particularly stable to begin with but crashing every 30mins just makes it unplayable

Willox? Haven’t heard that name in change logs for months.