So How do I forward ports?

So to host a server it is required a buy one, or forward my ports, and youtube tuts, they are suckish…

27005-27015 ports
Better to Buy if you can’t afford power and internet band-with.

Go to, you might find shit there

Like cant I just forward ports, Im looking for instructions…

Like yeah type in your routers model number and then use manual

You also need a static EXTERNAL IP address. This is set by your ISP so give them a call.

Or, you could just get a homedns using this will give you an url that links directly to your network, which can be used for servers and direct connections. It wont change, it’s free, and easier to remember.

When it comes to port forwarding, you can open them using your router’s interface. Go to in some cases, just try) and go from there. If it requires a password, it was done by someone who knew what they were doing…

Ask that person for help.

Otherwise, google “<routers model#> user manual” or “<routers model#> port forwarding”.