So how will my computer run Rust?

Graphics card: 9800 GT 1GB
RAM: 3.7GB (I have 4 Installed by my OS is eating the .3GBs)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad-Core CPU Q9400 @ 2.7GHz
OS: Windows Vista 32bit

I play alot of games like Arma II, and stuff at high/medium and get 45FPS average. So would I be able to get 30fps? If so what settings?

You should be able to nearly max out the settings. It’s not that demanding.

If I may ask, What Engine is it running on? Some people have said Unity, and others have said Unreal. I’m unsure.

The game runs on Unity engine

Decent at best,unfortunately. That graphics card is pretty outdated, but itshould play on low just fine.

you should update your processor and video card soon

i thought i ran a low spec comp but on low i get 60+ fps more of a trial and error if i lag i lower setting and/resolution but you should run decently man cheers and have fun surviving

Hey guys ! I almost have the same specs exept the graphics card :i have ati radeon 4335.Will i be able to run this game on low ?