So i can build shit loads on cupboards in 1x1 level 6 houses around the map to piss people off?


I imagine many people doing this which will be a more annoying problem than the one Garry’s trying to fix by adding them.

By the way I felt the following was out of character for Garry to say - (in the comments on reddit, regarding cupboards): " In this case it’s to prevent a very specific thing, players building ladders/stairs on your house to gain access."

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I thought Garry was all about Rust being a game where players were free to do whatever they wanted, whuch would ofcourse include being able to build onto people’s bases and any other evil shit you could think of.

50m isn’t much distance, considering the sound in game travels over 200m.

Why would it piss people off if you build a cupboard on their 1x1? They’re obviously not going to expand anymore on it if it’s a 1x1, and even if they wanted to why couldn’t they just cupboard up their own base before you get the chance?

Somehow you were not able to grasp that what I meant was you build the 1x1 level six base yourself, and put the cupboard in side of them.

If you’re going to quote him why dont you quote it all. he also says he doesn’t like such systems and hopefully will come up with a alternative later.

"Players don’t really own this though. You can still break into someone’s house and destroy or clear their tool cupboard so you’re the only person allowed to build.

It’s true that I don’t like these systems, and I want to avoid them wherever we can. In this case it’s to prevent a very specific thing, players building ladders/stairs on your house to gain access. It’s a problem I’m hoping we’ll solve some other way further down the line that might make this system redundant.

But in the meantime this serves to make the game playable, and lets us add building components like ladders without worrying that they’ll be easily exploited."

Remember we are testing a game here and so is he.

I think hes saying cover the map with his 1x1’s with a cupboard inside each to stop other people building, but here’s the shit part of that plan, the map is 8000m x 8000m- 20~% water that’s still 50,000 square meters to cover that space with cupboards which have a 50 meter radius would take about 6,000 bases, that’s some going.

i could build 6,000 bases in five minutes brah

I agree with you jokerz but i dont see it being a problem in the sense that someones going to build cupboards all over the map. I think it will most likely be that people are just going to make a wide radius around their base with a lot of them in multiple 1x1’s so that you either just raid the house through the bottom floor or you go through and try to break into all the 1x1’ so you can build around it. This will mean tall buildings will be the optimal anti raiding base since no one will be able to build up your sides. Which I don’t really agree with. It seems like none of this would really be an issue if they had more levels of defense for houses other then just walls and doors. I know they have traps and other things planned for the future. I think the testers can wait and just keep the game the way it is. It isn’t really that hard to build a base that is incredibly difficult or at least time consuming to raid. You can still reinforce walls with multiple walls back to back, you can make a maze of doors now with the key codes. You can build wide or tall. There is plenty to do to make your house a difficult raid.

I feel like if garry eliminates the different ways to raid and the creativness that people use to come up with raiding houses then it will also take the need away for people to create unique and difficult bases to raid. I feel like that is a huge aspect to this game currently.

Wait, is this actually a thing or just a suggestion? I’d say a tool cabinet would need to quite expensive. Wood, metal, maybe some stone or animal fat. More power to ya if you want to go around wasting like that. Just go around making 1x1 level 6 buildings right now. That would be pretty annoying on its own without ownership.

You can also destroy the bases! So no one will be able to occupy the entire map. If some tard places a bunch of cupboards in boxes destroy the wall and the cupboard and your good to go

This seems like a *really *arbitrary thing to bitch about.

Yup but thats what these forums are all about usually lol

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I like this change actually, now windows will have some value on upper floors other than being points of access for theives and greifers

I wonder if this is meant to provide 50 meters of protection in all directions (including up) so that it makes a bubble around it, or just out radially and makes a cylinder of protection extending infinitely up to the sky?

Thing is garry has also added window bars again so the cupboard is not needed to protect windows in the sense you’re talking.

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Yes it cost 1,000 wood it says on the admin item site

I agree. If it is expensive enough it shouldn’t be a problem. Also if someone makes a 1 by 1 house 51 meters away and their cabinet overlap fields with yours, they shouldn’t be able to place it unless they have placing permissions from you…

I had not heard about the window bars, more good news :slight_smile:

Next thing you know griefers will be walking around looking to see if they can place a foundation near other bases. If they can, they’ll put one of these in it and block the original home builder from doing anything else to their base.

As one of the few here that has played a game with such a system, jokerz is absolutely right. Even HUGE maps get filled with claims/flags/cupboards quickly. It also going to make it craptastic looking with people using 1X1 with cupboards in the place of using pillars in the old rust.

If Garry wants to address this, he would be better off waiting until he has a better system versus putting this seemingly bandaid down now.

Lol. That problem was already solved in legacy - by building foundations with pillars around your house. But someone making stupid choises again (like the locked backpacks, keys, blueprint selling idea)… quess what will happen with another one of these?
Of course it’s way easier to just let people magically “own” everything around, then teach noobs how to use brains in making their house secured. Now you will say “hello” to the 20-th floor towers with cupboard on top.

Wow i cant believe rust has coming to this first people complain about the locks, then people building walls in front of doors and now there is a imaginary bubble that protects ur base.

Why is it that good games always fall victum to people that cant accept the game for what it is. The game is going down the wrong path. If u take the risk of loss out of a survival style game how can it even be considered survival. Griefing is going to happen… People need to learn and evolve the way they play to avoid being griefed and try again. yes lifes not fair grow up and move on.