So I finally gave up on the Linux client working for now and booted windows to play Rust for the first time in about a month.

First off, I have to say the performance gains have been quite high on my end. Went on the London 1 server, and even in highly built up areas I’m getting between 30-40 FPS. This is in contrast to the 15-20 FPS I was getting before. The new weather system is beautiful, really adds to the atmospherics.

I’d been worried that the introduction of HQM only being available from quarries would stifle solo play, but nothing of the sort happened. All you need to do is find an abandoned quarry that spits them out and use it. Had to dispatch a few investigative people who were drawn by the noise of it with my revolver (thankfully can still build that with the old frags) but no big deal. Took over an old raided base and was pretty much set up with armour and a tommy gun within an hour. Not too long after that I had an AK. I expected there to have been a BP wipe with all the new content, but it seems there wasn’t so I still had lots of cool stuff on that server.

The PvP seems a lot crisper, far less bullet spam lag. The new armours (wood, bone etc) are great, especially glad they are a default BP too. Certainly evens out the starting game a bit more.

I know it’s an official server, and caveat emptor, but it seems like the presence of cheaters is being felt a lot more. Chat was constantly filled with people decrying boxes being looted through walls, and it of course happened to me. I had a few suspect shots at me that could have been aimbotters too, but I can’t really be sure about that so I’ll let it slide. Point is: I’ve always played on official servers, probably for over 95% of my time playing Rust. I can deal with aimbotters etc (I’ve seen some of the AA youtube videos - you know who I’m talking about - and while they are a bitch you can still kill them) but the box looting thing is too much even for me. Which is a shame, because the game plays and looks the best I’ve ever seen it.

Oh, another new thing I love, the alt freelook - I’ve often said to the mrs Rust would be great for a system like the Occulus Rift because then I could run in one direction and swing my head around to check everything while running. Well the new freelook system lets me do exactly that, without any clunky VR headset. Inspired choice.

But yes…when I had my meltdown last week and bumped umpteen threads about the state of the linux build (and to everyone who said to me “Just take a break from the game” after I’d already taken a 3 week forced break - fuck you, seriously fuck you) I didn’t realise the state of cheating was so bad currently. This makes it really quite easy to walk away from the game for now. If this game had no issues with cheaters, it would be undoubtably, for me, the best game there is out there. As it is, it’s like a beautiful chick riddled with AIDS. I chose AIDS instead of something like thrush because I’m not sure exactly how it can be cured, without everything being checked serverside. I know Ark does this…but the PvP on Ark is nowhere near as crisp as it is with Rust. Hopefully there will be some medical breakthrough to cure this.

So I’ll continue to check whether Rust has magically started to work again on Linux, and when/if it does, I’ll give it another shot. Other than that, sad to say, it just isn’t worth booting into windows for currently. Perhaps to play Battle Royale, but that’s it. Anything involving progression is horribly horribly broken currently.

Good luck and godspeed to the dev team, I really hope there is some solution out there for you that doesn’t involve letting hackers play for even a day before they are banned. I’ve seen those AA videos…it takes one asshole a sum total of half an hour to wreck everything for everyone on the server. It makes the game unplayable.

There has been a high level of hackers on the Official servers for the past year or so. This does’t make it look like a priority for FP, although I am sure they don’t like it and it is some level of priority.

EAC is clearly failing at keeping the hackers off the servers, regardless of how many people get banned a few weeks after they start hacking. I would hope FP would do something different (like they started to with coding client side checks). How can EAC live with letting the level of hackers remains so high on the servers for over a year? EAC should do something different, assign more staff to work on it, or just admit defeat. Now, EAC can just say “look at all the players we are banning” and use this as an excuse not to do more to stop hackers.

I am probably being too critical, but I don’t like having so many hackers on the servers for so many months.

I don’t think it’s an “excuse to not stop hackers” as such, I’m pretty sure they are trying their best. But it doesn’t seem to be good enough. It smacks of a police force with ridiculously high crime rates in an area tweeting every arrest they make. Sure, it looks good on the feed, but out there in the real world it’s obviously not making a difference to how people are able to live.

I think it is just FP trying to focus mainly on development (creating the game) and having made a decision that they are ok with the hackers on the official servers. Not that they like the hackers. There is a lot they can do - but chose not to do, including hiring a better company than EAC, and having a FP developer work on code to stop hackers. They made a decision to not do more - and basically accepted for a very long time a lot of hackers on the servers. I am not blaming their choice, but I hope they will actually decide to do more now.

Facepunch is aware of this problem, and they haven’t solved it the last year. EAC is like using duct tape to repair your roof. It will stop a lot of the rain, but of course wont really work. In theory EAC could work, but we know it has failed the past year.

It is possible that I am wrong about EAC and they are a brilliant company doing everything possible, but I don’t think this is true. They look like they have a very small staff. Maybe they are doing all Facepunch has asked of them (and that they can do) - but I think either an EAC developer or a FP developer is needed to work to stop the hackers. Or they can just let it slide for few more months and keep building the game.

Glad to see you actually took action yourself to play rather than spamming threads that say it doesn’t work on linux. It will work on linux some day but at least you are actually able to play now.

anticheat is a difficult game of cat and mouse, there will always be cheaters just as there are on basically every game despite what anticheat is used. there is a general sentiment in gaming communities that every anticheat and its company is trash because it doesnt ban 100% of cheaters.

if anything, i would prefer to see more/better admin tools, such as a better spectate mode or even first person view, ability to view inventories and just generally more access to data about specific players etc.

also i’d wager that the reason anticheat isn’t a massive focus right now is because it is literally a waste of development time and money at this point. the game is still in alpha so there’s no point diverting loads of resources from game development to try and detect cheats, when in a week they will be undetected again.

It worked fine on Linux for the first 2300 hours I played on it. I only bought this game because it was Linux supported. Make no mistakes about it - I’m still butthurt about it failing to run on Linux for the last month. But now I’ve obviously made this more than clear I’ll shut up about it.

Well, lets get one thing straight. it DOES work on linux. There seems to be an issue with something on his computer that is causing an error.

The problem is the lack of support. There is virtually no way to find out if this is isolated to him or a widespread common issue because of certain conditions. No way to help him resolve the issue or fix whatever is broken in the game that is preventing him from playing.

You made a bunch of valid points that I agree with. I would never expect 100% of cheaters to be stopped. But they need a better solution on the Official servers. They might have made the right decision in not working more on anti-hack measures, but clearly there is more they can do. And at some point they should do this. Not every game has the level of hacking that we see in Rust currently.

They need to get to a point where players can play on the servers and it is unlikely they will be hacked and have all their hours of gameplay lost. At some point they need to make a real solution to this. They could even have admins from the community who can help to ban hackers on the official servers. And hopefully they will code more measures to stop hackers like the no-clip defenses they recently added.

I decided to run steam from the command line instead of launching it then running Rust from the command line to see if any new errors were thrown. They were.

Game update: AppID 252490 "Rust", ProcID 18203, IP
ERROR: object '/home/nail/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32/' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded (wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32): ignored.
ERROR: object '/home/nail/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32/' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded (wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32): ignored.

So it looks like the people who said it was steam’s fault were right after all. Weird that it only affects this game, and fully gay that I’m going to have to backup/reinstall all my games but I’m going to give it a try now and see if that fixes it.

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Well, that was a waste of time. It fixed nothing. I even updated my graphics card drivers to the latest one and still absolutely fuck all change. flips table explosions occur behind me drops mic.
Now gonna go reinstall the 200 odd GB of shit I just deleted.

That error has something to do with trying to load 32 bit libraries on a 64 bit system.

Have a look here, hopefully it’ll point you in the right direction.

The errors may be a red herring ofc.

Good luck!