So I finally got some insight...

I finally found out what it actually sounds like in a team, when they’re fighting me.

I got to admit, hearing all their reactions was pretty funny :slight_smile:

Hope you guys might find it funny as well. :wink:

That was Beautiful Feinter

A work of art laddy.

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Can you like post the ip? i kinda want to play there c:

It’s the Naked men army server, it should be one of the top ones under community. :slight_smile:

You should have just said who the streamer was. Because when you killed him a couple times everyone could see his name anyway lol.

Who said it was the guy with twitch in his name :wink:

Great video. Feinter must type like 200wpm I swear.

Haha! Thanks!

I get a around with my WPM, both words and “wins” :wink:

Good job feinter, make more whiny faggots cry for me

Nice video, but, where’s the recoil?

It’s there, just controlled :slight_smile:

What’s it like to be “pro” at a game primarily populated by mediocre players?

Keep up the good work, champ!

Nice aim mate. I was impressed

What sensitivity are you using to aim so accurately but also counter the recoil for such a long duration of time? Are you using high sens and wrist movement or low sens and arm movement?

Even tho I would not consider my self a pro, it does feel nice killing off a ton or raiding a base and getting away with the spoils!

I use low sens, mostly it’s just in the wrist. Some situations the arm kicks in :wink:

I’m glad I was able to impress!