So I finally tried an Official Server. So far I have been shot through walls, seen 20 feet space jumps, and no resources.

For some reason I thought all the hack talk was just a way to waste time. Coming from the console, this is something I never really dealt with. The only complaint I ever heard was, “Oh my god, he has a lag switch!” Which I thought was the dumbest comment anyway.

However, on the official servers, I am being shot by bows inside my own buildling, I can’t gather resources because Flash Gordon players pass me up, gather rocks and wood before I can even get within 100 feet, and players can jump over walls and gates no problem.

Is this because the game is in alpha or is that how all PC games are? Serious question.


So don’t play on official servers…?

Even though I wasn’t asking where I should or shouldn’t play, I appreciate the answer.

Never tried official and never will. Move along good sir :slight_smile:

I wanted the challenge!

The challenge of seeing how long you can stomach a server filled with trolls and hackers? lol.

Yeah, there’s a challenge, and then there’s the official servers which can be likened to banging your head against a concrete wall.

Just find the populated community servers.

To answer your question, no, not all PC games are like this.
However, due to general accessibility of core game files on a PC rather than a console, cheating and hacking are likely more prevalent.

The devs have things in the works to take care of cheaters a bit more instantaneously.

unfortunately coming from console’s also I have seen hackers on rust and CSGO. Now that I have seen how easy or how a lot of young kids can pay 20 bucks and cheat I think most good players or really good players are hacking. Of course Im not saying every young player is hacking but the majority of the hackers I have encountered have been little punks playing loud music on the mic and screaming before and after every CSGO match.

This is what I tell most people who join the official server I play on: Welcome to Hell!

It’s bad. It’s very bad. However, my buddies and I (3 of us) who play legit have found ways to deal with the hackers.

  1. If someone speedhacks up to you and starts talking to you, play along. Sometimes they will leave you alone.
  2. Place your base out of render distance from where resources spawn, that way even hackers with radar cant see you and will have trouble locating your base,
  3. don’t carry anything you can’t afford to lose (I often run with cloth, revolver, and pipe shotgun for the first 20 minutes to see if hackers are in my area)
  4. go back for your bag if they kill you (often they will only take your guns and bullets, sometimes even leaving resources for you to retrieve)
  5. go back for other people’s bags (same thing, get there first and you can profit)
  6. find out where they live (this can be difficult or impossible if they are using AOE hacks that kill everyone within a certain radius-- but then again, if a new 5 story metal base plops down next door and you start dying whenever the hacker is on, chances are that’s his base).
  7. track when they play and when they log off and raid their asses (hacker bases are filled with guns, Kevlar, and ammo…)
  8. Develop multiple bases on opposite sides of the map (if hackers are in SE, play out of your NW base).

Absolutely NOTHING is more satisfying than raiding a hacker’s base.

Hackers are a challenge, it changes the dynamic, but it can be done. Go forth and conquer!

This has also jaded me. I caught myself thinking yesterday, “the real players are on consoles.”

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I’ve noticed that if you play nice with hackers they tend to become bodyguards rather than serial killers. But, I think I am giving up on this challenge. No matter what, I lose every small bit of resources I gather.

I had a great base going on with some friends and then was killed by hackers through our walls. I thought that hackers were going to be punished in this game, but it seems like they are rewarded in the public servers.

Getting shot through walls is really annoying. But you can live with it, kind of.
Flying, speedhacks, aimbot are way too common, sometimes i feel like 30-40% of the server has them. (flying “hacker-flocks” with 15+ players? check, seen those)

But the new invisibility/immortality/instacraft (without mats) cheats, now those take it to the next level.
Official servers are like a ghetto, inside a ghetto. Kind of a tell-tell story of the game, as official servers represent the game and the development. The first look for the majority of new players.