So I found an airdrop smoke grenade...

I am still at an early stage in this game, but the other day I got lucky, and and an air drop landed right near me. In it was some explosives, a quarry, survey charges, and a resupply smoke grenade. I hurried home with my loot and stashed it away. Now I am waiting for the right time to use the air drop, and I don’t know what to expect. Presumably the smoke will bring a lot of unwanted attention on me. How long does it take for the crate to arrive? Is it as slow as the random drops, giving everyone in the area plenty of time to chase it down as the plane lumbers across the sky, or is it quicker? What kind of loot can I expect?

Yes, essentially you throw the grenade and about 3 minutes later the plane will fly over. The crate will drop VERY close to your grenade so it might be possible to get it dropped inside your base. The loot is random same as a default airdrop. Also, yes, expect people to come bother you as airdrops usually cause.

It will smoke for a minute or so before the drop arrives. And then it will have to fall.
You could make a hollow tower 4x4 or so, perhaps less is ok as well, dunno. And then throw the smoke grenade into the middle of that. The airdrop will fall on that exact position and thus where noone else can get to it. The stuff in it will be default airdrop stuff, guns, quarries etc.

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The last airdrop I got had 2 winter jackets, 1 bear trap, 1 repair bench, and some bullets for a gun I didn’t have. :v:

This video should help:

Well I got on the server when there wasn’t many players on and popped the smoke…Agonizing waiting with that big column of purple smoke advertising my position…me with a bow and a waterpipe shotgun! Fortunately nobody showed! I got a Thompson, 50 high quality metal and some junk!