So I found the real GMod Ports that you need to forward.

I’ve only posted on facepunch a couple of times, and I honestly would much rather hang out on wiremod forums because the people as well as admins are nicer in my personal opinion. This however, is important. I’ve been fiddling off and on with creating a gmod server for about a year now, I’ve had every problem in the book. If it was someones problem on the “GMod Port Number” thread ( ), it was my problem too. Just a few short days ago I got a new at&t router which had some games programmed in it already for quick game port-forwarding. I noticed half life was up there so i of course… IGNORED IT. I thought it was half life 1 and I thought “wow… how useless”. I once again tried everything possible until that was my last option. So I decided to try it, what was there to lose? Well my server was up 2 minutes from the time I clicked the enable button, so I guess thats a fail and a win all in one. Anyway, since I had so much trouble I decided to password recover my old facepunch account for the sake of those other people who had every problem that existed for a dedicated server. I clicked the details button – wihtout further delay, here’s what showed up:

Allow me to simplify.
You need to open:

TCP port 6003
TCP port 7001
UDP port 27005
And a range of UDP ports from 27010-27015.

Hope this helps someone greatly, BYE GAIS =D

Because going to is too hard.

Well considering they have the port numbers wrong, you can stop being a dick.

They don’t. I forwarded mine as per their guide and it works fine. If it worked for you, okay, it might work for someone else, but from my experience, the ports on their website are correct.

How strange, I opened all the ports that portforward told me to and it didn’t work, only this did.

I only opened port 27010-27020, and mine works fine on both my desktop and my laptop.

That site didnt work for me either, and oddly enough…those ports that the OP provided DID work. :smiley:

Thanks op,

Glad it helped someone, it may just be a difference in what ports are opened by default on different routers.